My Journey in a Nutshell


I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Technology from The Ohio State University specializing in the Human Computer Interaction field. Post graduation, I landed a job in the clothing industry during the early stages and started from the bottom. I helped the CEO with bookkeeping and receivables and worked my way up as the Head of Operations.

Since then, I automated 95% of the company’s operations by leading overseas teams of 50+ people tasked with project management, lead generation, email marketing, graphic design, bookkeeping, accounts receivables and customers service. I singlehandedly built the industry’s largest athletic email marketing database that scaled the company from 6 to 8 figures and yielded B2B data partnerships with multi-billion dollar athletic companies.

UX Certificate

During September of 2019, I enrolled in a UX Design course through CareerFoundry with a specialization in voice design to further my education in the human computer interaction field. I graduated in September of 2020 and successfully completed 400+ hours of coursework that immersed me through the fundamentals of UX, UI and voice design, from identification of human needs to a finished and marketable product .

Taking this course solidified my knowledge and understanding of product management, applying UX in business, competitive analysis, user personas, accessibility, usability, and emotional design.


During COVID19, when the closure of sporting events stagnated sales for the clothing company, 90% of the staff were temporarily laid off. I was one of the few people to remain onboard along with the founders. I helped the company pivot to procuring N95 masks and other PPE to healthcare facilities in the USA by building a healthcare database for email marketing and contacting FDA-approved suppliers overseas. Within two months the company was able to employ more than 50% of the laid off employees and the CEO started a medical line to assist in bringing FDA-approved medical supplies currently experiencing a shortage to the US.