Mihir Shah

UX Operations


Welcome to my website. I am the founder of Offsite-Team, a virtual assistant staffing company that caters to busy entrepreneurs who can benefit from outsourcing redundant operations and improving workflows.

I enjoy making meaningful relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and collaborating on creative projects that involve designing better experiences for people, automating redundant operations, and process improvement.

Some of my achievements:

- Scaled a manufacturing startup from 6-to-8 figures from my outsourcing leadership and operations management
- Launched a virtual assistant matchmaking agency during the pandemic, scaled it to six figures revenue with virtually no loans or investments, and serviced over 20 clients, 50% of which did repeat business for over three months.
- Hired four UX interns to help with product management and content creation for website development, all of which landed new roles at successful companies by the end of the 12-week internship program

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UX Operations

Product Design and Management





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