Below are some of the business automation services I have provided to my clients.


My work for Hype Socks involved management of company operations and automating processes through my leadership in outsourcing. Within a span of three years, I automated more than 90% of the company’s operations so the sales team could focus better on selling with minimal distraction. This helped the company generate seven-figure sales from email marketing that more than doubled each year and the database helped pave the way for B2B relationships with channel partners from multi-billion dollar athletic apparel companies and coaching clinics.

When I started out, I focused mainly on bookkeeping and accounts receivables. As I advanced in this role, I went on to learn every aspect of the company’s operations and eventually outsourced them by creating instruction manuals and delegated them to overseas teams. I now lead teams of more than 100 contractors globally which includes 20+ Upwork freelancers and 3 BPO companies. Below are the main processes I oversee on a day-to-day basis Hype Socks.